What Our Residents Say



“Before I came to Berry Pomeroy I lived all alone in a small house in town. Unfortunately I collapsed at home the result of this was a trip to hospital for a couple of weeks.

The hospital suggested that I would benefit from a couple of weeks respite in a care home and arranged for me to go to Berry Pomeroy.

I was given a lovely room and although it was very strange everyone was so friendly I soon settled down.

I had two weeks to think about the future and to build up my confidence to start walking again that when the two weeks were up I decided to stay and make it my new permanent home, for in my own mind I knew it was the right time.”



“My first impression was how friendly and caring the staff were. Second what a high standard all the fixtures and fittings were, particularly in my bedroom.

The food also is very good. High quality and we have a choice. On my nephews second visit they remarked how much healthier I looked.

A lot of activities are organised to keep us mentally and physically active. I would be very happy to finish my days here.”



“I’ll never go into a Care Home! Have you ever said this?

I have; and now I have lived in one for five years, and never regretted my decision.

No housework – not even washing up. A menu suited to all tastes and needs and well prepared meals. Activities to help us keep as fit as possible and pleasantly occupied.

But what I value more than anything is the company of friends, enjoying my own room when I wish, and friendly capable Carers within call.

All this can be found here at Berry Pomeroy.”